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  1. 103

    Zippy Sport VW

    One if Ed Fishers designs that is overlooked is the Zippy Sport. No quicker way to build a wing... Often a two stroke on the front but this one is a 1834 VW. Based on the takeoff run it may be a little heavy for the plane. I wonder how it would perform with one of Scott Caslers 45hp 86x94mm...
  2. GyroGerald

    Volkswagen powered Gyroplane fly’s

    VW Gyroplane
  3. 103

    VW Oil System Details

    I pulled my engine in September to address an oil leak near the rear seal and on the front left cylinder base. Big Job should do a final stress test on the ground this weekend check the valve clearances and then return to the flight line. In the process I captured some images of the nifty 750+...
  4. dragon2knight

    VW Engine Maintenance

    While I see tons of info regarding how to choose, build and install VW engines on this forum I'd love to know how to do basic/advanced maintenance on them. I know no one who has one so I can't ask there. This is an engine I've long admired but simply don't know what to expect to have to do, at...
  5. rv6ejguy

    EFI VW Sonex

    Peter van Schalkwyk's Sonex won Best Auto Conversion at SNF with SDS EFI: https://www.sonexaircraft.com/pete-wayne-snf-adventure/ Peter is a long time VW/SDS EFI user. He previously had a Waiex which first flew in 2010 using our EFI. He's presently experimenting with different intake manifold...
  6. V

    Engines: Cost and weight per HP

    Looking at the various discussions here about engine weights and cost, I gathered some numbers (below) for rough comparisons. 1) I looked at engines that could be bought new and completely assembled 2) Weights and costs are from "the internet", don't include exhaust systems, and are subject to a...
  7. L

    VW type engine, Prefer 2180 or close.

    I'm just getting started on building a project that I will be taking over of a Sonerai II. I would really like to come up with an engine sooner rather than later. AeroVee, or Great plains conversions Obviously are on the top of that list but willing to look at anything. Since I live currently at...
  8. A

    VW 88mm pistons & cylinders on a Corvair

    Here's the situation: I live in Australia where Corvair engines, and associated parts, are like hen's teeth and need to be imported from the U.S. The shipping costs, plus customs etc., are exorbitant and constitute a significant proportion of the cost of the final engine. On the other hand...
  9. C

    Flywheel Drive

    Does anyone have information on flywheel drive engines? Specifically, I'm looking for starter installation and good options for hub attachment to the flywheel. Any help at all is appreciated!
  10. Tiger Tim

    What's wrong with the Affordaplane?

    Or, more correctly, how would you fix it? Like so many others, I'm intrigued by this simple-looking airplane and interested in building something like it some day. I don't know if it's the in-your-face simplicity of the airplane, the excitement of flying so exposed (while still in a...
  11. cavelamb

    Subaru and a B-Box

    too many pics!Here we have a Subaru adapted to a Rotax B-box. It's not hard, just locating alignment pins and bossing centers on the big plate.
  12. GY20_Minicab

    New Member freezing in the dark

    Hello fellow aviators and airplane builders, My name is Mike, and I have been nuts about planes since age 2. I retired last year and have been working full tilt on my GY20 Minicab. The pre-cover inspection was done July 2009 and since then I have been working on the details that are the last...
  13. B


    Hey guys, I was planning to put a secondary ignition on my vw but lost my job so i'm going to have to keep flying on single. Up for sale is 0 time revmaster dual ignition heads. vertex magneto with wires Intake manifold from revmaster Used Slick magneto I have about over $1800 invested in...
  14. H

    VW and Titan

    Does anyone have any knowledge or experience in using a VW engine on a Titan aircraft Thanks Much