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  1. Cass256

    Ridge Runner/SkyRaider bungee gear

    Today is a good day. I'm finally about to pick up the last of the re-coated metal parts for the RR3, and it's time to throw it back on its wheels for a while. I talked to a fellow RR3 builder who put a recovery chute in their plane, and he said the original bungees sagged on the ramp under the...
  2. cblink.007

    Electromechanical Landing Gear Actuators

    In the course of doing some research on designing a retract system for my bird. I am particularly interested in an electric actuation system. Does anybody know of any actuators out there that are suitable for a light aircraft (ie under 2500lbs). I already have a design for the struts and...
  3. L

    Heinkel 222 Reference in Ladislao Pazmany Landing Gear Book

    Anybody ever heard of the Heinkel He 222 - referenced in Pazmany's "Landing Gear Design for Light Aircraft", page 186. I quote - "The landing gear illustrated in Figure 10-121 employs a unique torsion spring arrangement. Four torsion bars are restrained from rotation at the top by means of...
  4. R

    For Sale Landing Gear - Originally for Avid Magnum

    White Powder Coated, $485 OBO + Shipping. Call 772-283-4834
  5. birdus

    Correct landing gear for Super Baby Great Lakes?

    The short version is that I bought a fuselage for my Super Baby Great Lakes. It came with spring landing gear (among other things). As an aside, I'm the fifth (!) owner of this fuselage. It needs some work, but I think I'm ahead by buying it. Anyway, I have a question about the spring landing...
  6. B

    Can FAR103 Ultralights have retractable landing gear?

    I know LSAs have to have fixed. What about 103ULs?
  7. nickec

    Simpler Speedpants

    See the link below. Simpler Speedpants.
  8. F

    Frugal trike frame project

    Hi all, I am trying to build a low cost trike frame (although I plan to buy the wing), and before I could cut the first metal, I have already stalled with the rear suspension. Here are the issues: 1. I have discarded the flat Grove type spring aluminum landing gear idea as too expensive...
  9. E

    Bearhawk Tailwheels LLC

    We are now manufacturing rugged tailwheels assemblies designed for SuperCub type, back country airplanes. They come with either a 1 1/2" flat tailspring mount (can use 1 1/4" tailspring with a shim) or the tapered round tailspring mount like on a C185. Check out our website for more info...