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  • no, I have found no extra info. from Harbor freight, but you may try some go-kart shops..
    The Predator 212cc is a very popular model for kart racing.. lots of knowledgeable people and parts out there
    Google "go kart Predator engine" to start
    What are you installing it on?

    danmoser -at- gmail -d0t- com
    Hi, Nicholas--

    I have Xplane but haven't played it in over a year. When I got it I didn't have a compatible video card so the fog rolled in shortly after takeoff. I have a compatible card now but no rudder pedals. Got into a few spins with the Mitchell U-2 sim and found that the fastest way to recover is just let go of the stick, it may have been a little better with rudder ;)

    CC Planks? I don't know of any full size since Bakstrom. Nobody's willing to take the financial risk on something that hasn't been competitive with equivalent conventional planes. It's that damned "de-camber the wing to increase AoA" paradox that makes them so unattractive. Anyway, there are some constant chord model 'wings and I think they all lack washout but I don't know of any that also get away without dihedral. You have to have some dihedral effect for spiral stability. That generally means that the wing tips must be either above or behind the CG
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