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  1. MauleOwner

    For Sale FS: Engines & Accessories, Radios New & Used Condition, Wheel Pants

    I am not the owner of these items but I have agreed to help sell them as the actual owner travels and is frequently out of pocket. All items are used unless noted otherwise and all used was in working condition when removed. If preferred, I can send the radio(s) to Steinair to handle the...
  2. S

    Intruder 250cc 4 stroke EFI engine

    Curious if anyone has used this on a part 103 ultralight. It’s 35hp and water cooled, 69lbs inclusive of oil, water, and exhaust.
  3. djmcfall

    Rotax Gray Head

    Removed from a Kitfox for a 912 upgrade. Been stored on the airplane in a hangar. 30 hours TT since new. Includes electric start, oil injection and radiator. $2988, picked up in Idaho or will ship for actual cost.
  4. V

    Engines: Cost and weight per HP

    Looking at the various discussions here about engine weights and cost, I gathered some numbers (below) for rough comparisons. 1) I looked at engines that could be bought new and completely assembled 2) Weights and costs are from "the internet", don't include exhaust systems, and are subject to a...
  5. jumpinjan

    For Sale Ranger 6-440-C2 engines (2ea) and prop hub

    Ranger Engines - I have 2 each, Ranger 6-440-C2 engines. One Ranger includes the mags & carb. Both engines are mounted in custom-fabricated, engine stands or dollies. One dolly can rotate the engine 180 degrees just like the factory one. These engines also need to be gone through. No logs for...
  6. K

    For Sale McCULLOCH 4318A ENGINES

    I have 2 engines. I am asking $750 each. I have another post with props that can be bundled with the engines. The engines are in good condition but I have not run them.
  7. B

    For Sale Band new Aerovee 2.1

    Brand new Aerovee 2.1 engine inventoried and put back in the boxes the engine came in. Has Sonex/Xenos/Waiex exhaust kit (A Model) Has Sonex /xenos /Waiex Baffle kit ( A Model) Oil pressure sender Oil Temp Sender Air filter assembly
  8. R

    For Sale Motor Mount for Zenith CH750 Stol 2nd Ed Corvair Engine

    Motor Mount for Corvair Engine Came off Zenith 750 2nd Edition. Excellent Condition, Never Flown, TIG Welded, Painted Battleship Grey, $485 OBO + Shipping. Call Rick @ 772-283-4834
  9. base363

    DMA engine tachometer

    Does anyone have any knowledge of this tach? Maybe a PDF manual?
  10. T

    For Sale Rotax 503 w/ 2.58 gearbox for sale

    I have for sale a SCSI Rotax 503 with 2.58 (A) gearbox for sale, I bought it with no logs so the hours are unknown, it runs perfectly. comes with exhaust and Bing carb. $850.00 I bought this engine intending on using it on my Parasol experimental, I have since decided to use a Generac. I...
  11. T

    Real World engine options, but still on a tight budget

    My feelings about used engines are the same as with used computers and cars. Might get lucky, but you have no idea how the engine was maintained, if anything undesirable has happened, etc... I'm researching options for a UL bush plane, something like a cub or highlander, and would need decent...
  12. J

    New video: Installing a Continental O200 engine in your Homebuilt

    I would like to announce that HomebuiltHELP has created a new video DVD demonstrating the installation of the Continental O200 engine into a Zenith CH750. The purpose of this video is to promote the idea of using a rebuilt O200 in experimental aircraft by showing a typical installation into a...
  13. dougwanderson

    For Sale CONTINENTAL ENGINE $600 a65? in MN

    Not me local craigslist fresh barn find, casting number on case, 6243 with Alcoa under that...number on plate----317081c... the 3170 are clear, the 8 could be a 6 or 9...both mags are on it, (Bendix--SF-48).... Marvel Schraber aircraft carb is on it.. oil pan is on it but it,s bent...
  14. B

    For Sale 0 zero time 150 HP R3600 Rotec engine for sale, 2008 production, meets all AD's

    For Sale, New, never run, 0 time, 150 HP Rotec radial engine. We took delivery of this engine in August of 2008 at Oshkosh for a plane we were building in case we could not find an original rotary engine for it. It has never been run. It has been kept in our air conditioned, heated workshop...
  15. Reiff

    For Sale Continental IO-550 / IO-520 Engine core

    Continental IO-550 / IO-520 core, including crankcase, crankshaft, cylinders, oil cooler, and starter motor. Not in working condition. May not be serviceable. Perfect for use as a mock-up engine, A&P training, or as a placeholder during aircraft construction. I purchased this run-out engine...
  16. W

    Seeking Benefactor(s)

    Dear HBA members, After attempting to gain financial support for the engine I'm blueprinting and finding much criticism from the legitimate business contingent, I'm "changing gears". Now looking to make a more personal deal with a person(s) who has a long term optimistic outlook, willing to...
  17. R

    For Sale Used Cuyuna 215 Engine

    Used 215cc horizontal shaft Cuyuna aircraft engine manufactured by 2si. Only needs oil and gas and will start out of the box. The engine has a K&N air filter installed on it and a Bing carburetor. Schematics included. $600 + shipping to be arranged Located near Butte, MT email...
  18. T

    Wanted Revmaster R2100 Service Manual

    I have acquired a KR-2 aircraft, and I'm looking to find out where, and IF the service manual for this engine is available. I was before the sale that the engine would need to be disassembled and cleaned, but I'm not sure what exactly that means, so I'm assuming an overhaul. Thanks. Trevor
  19. T

    What's the minimum VFR analog avionics you need in a LSA?

    I guess I could actually study airplane design and get an actual pilots license and then is know the answer. But where us the fun in that. I was wondering: what's the minimum that you have to have to legally fly an LSA? My guesses are: - compass - oil temp - oil pressure - altimeter -...
  20. S


    For sale! 300 hours, new prop, two stainless tanks.:lick: Price 2500usd, but bid on it and we will see... (Less than 2000 no interest)