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  1. C

    Titan IOX370 200HP EFII NEW 0 hrs

    Available is a NEW 0 hrs Continental Titan IOX370 engine. 9.6:1 compression, 200 HP Factory Log, build sheet and Factory "run in" sheet available. Optional cylinder walls are electro plated with the Nickel + Carbide (NiC3) process. Valves are parallel valve. I have the crates so they can be...
  2. rv6ejguy

    Continental O-200 EFI

    We finally acquired a serviceable Continental O-200 today to start development of a full EFI/EI kit for these engines to replace the carb and mags. We have a lot of people contacting us about this possibility as it's still a popular engine to use in lighter Homebuilts. In the past, we could only...
  3. rv6ejguy

    Continental O-200

    We're looking for a Continental O-200, preferably in running condition, for some R&D work on EFI this winter. Prefer something in Canada due to easier shipping and customs clearance but would consider something in the Northwest US too. Does not need to have mags or carb. PM me with what you have...
  4. C

    Continental A65 Parts

    I have 2 A65's i am parting out. Both have been stored for ~30years indoors. 1 is apart. Cylinders appear to be in good shape and original bore. Crank looks good and has not been cut undersized yet. cases look good with no cracks visible etc. Strombergs, sumps, Case mags, etc also on these...
  5. J

    Custom Turbocharging a Continental GTSIO-520

    Here's a hypothetical for anyone who has the knowledge to consider with "record-breaking" implications. I'm doing some research on what would be required to "operate" a GTSIO-520-H at 60,000 ft with a two-stage turbocharging system. Automotive turbos are OKAY and I'd like to have ~120 HP at...
  6. J

    New video: Installing a Continental O200 engine in your Homebuilt

    I would like to announce that HomebuiltHELP has created a new video DVD demonstrating the installation of the Continental O200 engine into a Zenith CH750. The purpose of this video is to promote the idea of using a rebuilt O200 in experimental aircraft by showing a typical installation into a...
  7. Reiff

    Continental IO-550 / IO-520 Engine core

    Continental IO-550 / IO-520 core, including crankcase, crankshaft, cylinders, oil cooler, and starter motor. Not in working condition. May not be serviceable. Perfect for use as a mock-up engine, A&P training, or as a placeholder during aircraft construction. I purchased this run-out engine...
  8. S

    Teledyne Continental C-145 Parts for Sale

    I have almost every part of a Teledyne Continental C-145 for sale. I do not have the carburetor, crankcase, camshaft, crankshaft or lifters. Please feel free to make a reasonable offer on any part. I will remove the parts once sold or state SOLD next to them. Thank you!Teledyne Continental...