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"You will do nothing, because you CAN DO NOTHING!"


Well-Known Member
Jun 29, 2010
Coastal North Carolina/USA
It was one of the most helpless feelings of my life.

We were in the Bonanza flying from western NC to a weekend at the coast. The plane was in between some shop visits for refurbishment and lacked an autopilot. CAVU, so no worries.


Settled into cruise, the kid (about 3) started asking for food. Wife was in the right seat, handed him an apple. A few minutes later he asked for more grub. "OK," wife said, "gimme the core."


Hmmm, OK, He ate the whole worm. She handed him something else and we seltled back in to enjoy the flight. Moments later, he started choking. Really choking. LIke, couldn't cry, couldn't breathe. Nothing. Wife reached back to work on him and I forced myself to fly.

I did nothing to help the boy because I could do nothing to help the boy.

Ended Ok, except the striken dread of that happening again. When it's only me and the kid.

New rule... "No eating in the plane."