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Jan 3, 2014
I started this thread specifically for the video series i'm doing on the affordable ultralight thread found here.......

The original thread is great for discussion so this will be for those who just want to see the videos.

Quick summary.........

I believe anyone can afford aviation and this project is an effort to prove that. I also believe it can be done rather quickly. In order to do this it starts with the right design, I believe the Mini Max Ultralight is the ideal candidate. The Minimax is made from wood so the learning curve is short. The tools required are minimal which keeps costs down and makes out for some affordable fun.

To make it affordable a person needs 2 primary tools, a planer and a table saw. This will allow the builder to take raw material and mill finish the boards instead of buying them already dimensioned to size at a premium price. I'm using a combination of Pine, Sitka Spruce and Doug Fir.

The initial videos will be setting up tools and setting up a small simple home shop.
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