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Little Scrapper

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  • Hi;

    2 cents. I would carefully layout the slots both sides of the tube chain drill slightly undersize and hand file to the line with a really good sharp file. The bigger chunks between centers can be nibbled out or careful use of a die grinder or a dremel.
    Promise me you will finish one of your airplane projects before before starting another one! Of course I start a dozen hobby projects for every one I finish, but do what I say not what I do.

    BTW, I hope you're taking medical advice from doctors rather than judges. And I hope your daughter has recovered fully.
    Hello Little Scrapper, I am new to the forum thing. I was wondering how much you overlapped the tubing for the "detail 3" joints in the V-Witt Plans? I am not sure what instruction book the plans are referring to?
    Hi, I bought the plans v-weet and am waiting for them in the mail. I want to start building a wing. Can you take a picture and show me the drawing of the rib?
    Little Scrapper
    Little Scrapper
    I can but you need the drawings to really start. Risky without it
    Andrey Yakovlev
    I will start sawing rods and cutting gussets for ribs...
    Hi Scrapper, I just joined and have read several of your posts. Great stuff! The links to your cassutt blog are not working. Just wondering if it is on my end or if you are not using the site anymore.

    Specific links were for your table and aluminum jigs.

    Thanks for your posts. Kenny
    I see that you are a plumber by trade. I have a question for you. In the last 3 months, I have had two drain pipes crack right at the edge of where the pipe entered into an 90 deg elbow. The pipe is the 1 1/2 " black pipe. My house was built in 1972.

    Do you know of any issues with the pipes or perhaps the adhesive used during that time period?

    Little Scrapper
    Little Scrapper
    I would need to see a photo but most cracks are due to pressure that shouldn't exist. Black plastic is ABS and can crack but overall it's pretty tough.
    OK thanks. I was concerned that there maybe some kind of issue with the adhesive degrading the pipe.

    Your doing a great job on your build log. Thanks for taking the time to document your processes.
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