Social Distancing, Aviation Style

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Victor Bravo

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Jul 30, 2014
KWHP, Los Angeles CA, USA
Off topic, only slightly homebuilt related (see other thread on Le Pou Metallique)

Today I was determined to show that social distancing can be interesting and effective. As a public service, I flew my old grungy 172 out to El Mirage Dry Lake in the desert north of Los Angeles. I wanted to be completely certain that all the dirt bikes, quad runners, and gyrocopter enthusiasts were maintaining adequate social distancing. I did my part too, making 100% sure that I maintained at least six feet from people, houses, cars, and rooftops as I was flying out and back.

It turned out to be a beautiful day, wintertime had not yet come to the desert, it was absolutely T-shirt weather, no harsh desert winds, cold, or heat. Greetings from the El Mirage Dry Lake:

Bill El Mirage 11-21-2020.jpg N7206A El Mirage 11-21-2020-1.jpg