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SDS Service Bulletin April 2/24

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Well-Known Member
Supporting Member
Jun 26, 2012
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

There was a machining error on a new batch of wide (3.50 inch) Lycoming Hall sensor brackets shown above. The spacing of the two outer 10-32 threaded holes which hold the red dual type Hall sensor in place are too far apart. The inner hole spacing for the single sensor is ok. If you discover your red Hall sensor won't fit your bracket, please contact us for a free replacement. These may have been introduced into the supply as early as August 10/23. Systems purchased prior to this should have the correct parts and some later ones also have the correct parts.

A customer in France reported the issue to us yesterday. My bad for not vetting all dimensions of the parts from the 2nd source. Looks like 8 of the bad ones got out to customers. Interestingly, nobody else has reported the issue before.

Anyway, sorry for my screwup.