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Oct 22, 2002
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Welcome to the Project Log Forum

What is the Project Log Forum?
The project log forum is a no-frills no-gimmicks place for you to log progress as you build or restore your aircraft.

Why should I use the Project Log Forum instead of an off-site blog or creating my own website?
Well, this is going to depend on what your goal is. If you just want a dirt-simple place to post a chronological log of your project, it might work pretty well for you. If you are a regular user here at HBA, logging your progress won't take any special effort. Another advantage is that each post you make to your log will be exposed to a wide variety of like-minded individuals each day.

Can I customize my thread with fancy colors and backgrounds?
Not really. Just like any other post on HBA you can use the built-in formatting tools to change font style, color, size, alignment, and indention. You can also create bulleted and numbered lists. Attaching or embedding photos or adding linked text is also fairly easy. If you want something really flashy though, you might be better off trying Expercraft, wordpress.com, or creating your own website.

Why can't people post in my log?
Lets face it, threads here on HBA can get off into the weeds sometimes. Preventing others from posting in your thread will keep the discussion of your J-3 Cub restoration project from turning into a discussion of the best method for repaving a runway. If someone has a question about something you are doing, they can create another thread, send you an email, send you a private message, or post a message in your HBA profile page. If you want folks to be able to post in your project log, you can create a thread in a different forum here on HBA.

Can I save my Log?
Yes. You can save a text version of your log by using the “Thread Tools” drop down menu and selecting “Download This Thread”. This will save a text version of the entire log. Unfortunately, as it stands now, the photos in the log will not be downloaded in the file.

What info should I put in the title of my log?
Aircraft type – Real name or user name – Location (optional)
Example: CH-801 – Jake Crause – Savannah, GA

I really want more features in my project log. Are you developing something better?
I'm working on a few ideas but it could be months or years before something usable is produced. I'm not the sharpest knife in the kitchen...:gig: