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Nov 8, 2019
Oct 22, 2002
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Site Developer, from Pacific NW, USA!

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Nov 8, 2019
    1. bax
      hello I am new member. Want to do a post, but can not because I am asked for a VALID TITLE and I do not seem to get right it right. Can anyone help. Thanks.
    2. Jimmy wright
      Jimmy wright
      I'm sorry I'm not the most tech savvy person. And I'm new here. So I am trying to reply to your welcome message . Thank you jman. very much. Any talk / discussion about building small airplanes is great to me ! I appreciate the chance to talk to others and get and give advice on this subject. Thank you very much . Jimmy Wright
    3. n89gf
      Thanks. trying to figure out how to post a message about my main gear strut
      replacement problem
    4. planecrazzzy
      seems you've got censor Nazi's all over your forum...

      they even changed my signature...

      I think the more they squeeze... the less "liked" the forum is becoming...

      maybe you had some problems...

      but seems you have even more now...
      Just saying....

      I don't have anything with "you"..... we've always been fine...
      lately it's your moderators...\.
      Whatever.... just thought I'd drop you a line...

      PS Cool chopper..... I was crew chief on a Cobra AH-1G in 1972...
    5. Rosco
      Gday , It's Rosco again, I have it sorted, I was trying to post in a page that looks like it is for you mod guys. It was going to be a flippant remark about the exceptionally good looking bit in the Cheers Ross
    6. Rosco
      Gday, My name is Rosco and I am a member with a new pad. The problem is that I can't seem to be able to post comments as I have done in the past. Can you help me. Cheers Ross
    7. TXFlyGuy
      Jake - As a T-51 builder, I also would like to have our guys join up here on your forum. It would be great if a column could be dedicated to the T-51 Mustang, perhaps a separate category under Replica Warbirds?
      Thanks for your consideration...this forum is SOOOOO much nicer than what we now use!
    8. lwalton
      Hi Jman , I am new to site .As a previous biulder of two aircraft , I am now looking to purchase plans for the CA 65 Sky Fly . If in good condition , could be used plans . Would also purchase a new set of pland . Or maybe a web site to down load in PDF , Glad to be aboard ! Lee
    9. garrattma
      Hi Jman, I would like to delete 2 of my threads as the item I was posting for is no longer available. I have sent a request to the website from the Contact Us link but have not gotten any response. Could you help with this? Thanks!
    10. 3DGUY
      Thanks Jman: I am in the aviation field for over 30 years now, I work in engineering for a major 747 freight company, I wish to help out in any way ,I am NOT looking for money etc , i offer this up for free, My experience in composites and 3D drawings may help someone, I also like the home built types ,there is so much new technology and being homebuilt your not tied to the old school thinking, Thanks Respectfully 3DGuy
    11. merlyn
      thank you jman
    12. planecrazzzy
      That sucked.... I tried to get rid of "ONE" subscription ( the box was "checked" )

      and it cleared EVERY subscription....
      Oh well..... I just couldn't find unsubscribe from the thread....

      I know I've done it before....
      Gotta Fly...
      Mike & "Jaz" the Flying Dog
      PS It was a spammer on "First Flight" thread
    13. Alby
      Hi Jman,
      I am a new member but I am unable to put photos on this site .
      Can you guide me through the process
    14. old man
      old man
      hi j need to know you are lolcated 1s time here
    15. Rjb4
      Hi Jman
      im new to this site... i think its great that there are people out ther willing to share knowledge with guys like me who hasent build any planes yet :)
      im very keen to try and build a affordaplane, any idee wher i can get th plans for it??
    16. Inverted Vantage
      Inverted Vantage
      Hi Jake, thanks for the kind words. :)
    17. Jman
      Got em guys...thanks!
    18. planecrazzzy

      Spammer , sending Private Messages.... $ 4.5 million dollars for some lucky sap ???
      Gotta Fly...
      Mike & "Jaz" the Flying Dog
    19. Voyeurger
      Am I in trouble? I was trying to post a DF R/C link to Lucrum in his Mazda rebuild forum. I didn't see a lock on it.
    20. Jman
      Thanks for the compliments. Yep, HBA is my baby. It's been a labor of love. It has a long way to go until it's where it needs to be, but it's getting there. Now that I'm back I'm hoping to step it up a notch.
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    Home Page:
    Pacific NW, USA!
    Current / Future projects:
    Zenith CH-801 STOL. Currently working on the Horizontal Stabilizer.
    I'm married with 2 children. I've been an aviation nut for as long as I can remember. My family and I are currently building a Zenith CH-801 STOL.

    Aircraft of all types. However, if I had to choose some areas of interest they would be vintage aircraft and very efficient aircraft, although I'm building an STOL aircraft.


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