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  • hello I am new member. Want to do a post, but can not because I am asked for a VALID TITLE and I do not seem to get right it right. Can anyone help. Thanks.
    I'm sorry I'm not the most tech savvy person. And I'm new here. So I am trying to reply to your welcome message . Thank you jman. very much. Any talk / discussion about building small airplanes is great to me ! I appreciate the chance to talk to others and get and give advice on this subject. Thank you very much . Jimmy Wright
    Thanks. trying to figure out how to post a message about my main gear strut
    replacement problem
    seems you've got censor Nazi's all over your forum...

    they even changed my signature...

    I think the more they squeeze... the less "liked" the forum is becoming...

    maybe you had some problems...

    but seems you have even more now...
    Just saying....

    I don't have anything with "you"..... we've always been fine...
    lately it's your moderators...\.
    Whatever.... just thought I'd drop you a line...

    PS Cool chopper..... I was crew chief on a Cobra AH-1G in 1972...
    Gday , It's Rosco again, I have it sorted, I was trying to post in a page that looks like it is for you mod guys. It was going to be a flippant remark about the exceptionally good looking bit in the rules.lol. Cheers Ross
    Gday, My name is Rosco and I am a member with a new pad. The problem is that I can't seem to be able to post comments as I have done in the past. Can you help me. Cheers Ross
    Jake - As a T-51 builder, I also would like to have our guys join up here on your forum. It would be great if a column could be dedicated to the T-51 Mustang, perhaps a separate category under Replica Warbirds?
    Thanks for your consideration...this forum is SOOOOO much nicer than what we now use!
    Hi Jman , I am new to site .As a previous biulder of two aircraft , I am now looking to purchase plans for the CA 65 Sky Fly . If in good condition , could be used plans . Would also purchase a new set of pland . Or maybe a web site to down load in PDF , Glad to be aboard ! Lee
    Hi Jman, I would like to delete 2 of my threads as the item I was posting for is no longer available. I have sent a request to the website from the Contact Us link but have not gotten any response. Could you help with this? Thanks!
    Thanks Jman: I am in the aviation field for over 30 years now, I work in engineering for a major 747 freight company, I wish to help out in any way ,I am NOT looking for money etc , i offer this up for free, My experience in composites and 3D drawings may help someone, I also like the home built types ,there is so much new technology and being homebuilt your not tied to the old school thinking, Thanks Respectfully 3DGuy
    That sucked.... I tried to get rid of "ONE" subscription ( the box was "checked" )

    and it cleared EVERY subscription....
    Oh well..... I just couldn't find unsubscribe from the thread....

    I know I've done it before....
    Gotta Fly...
    Mike & "Jaz" the Flying Dog
    PS It was a spammer on "First Flight" thread
    Hi Jman,
    I am a new member but I am unable to put photos on this site .
    Can you guide me through the process
    hi j need to know you are lolcated 1s time here
    Hi Jman
    im new to this site... i think its great that there are people out ther willing to share knowledge with guys like me who hasent build any planes yet :)
    im very keen to try and build a affordaplane, any idee wher i can get th plans for it??

    Spammer , sending Private Messages.... $ 4.5 million dollars for some lucky sap ???
    Gotta Fly...
    Mike & "Jaz" the Flying Dog
    Am I in trouble? I was trying to post a DF R/C link to Lucrum in his Mazda rebuild forum. I didn't see a lock on it.
    Thanks for the compliments. Yep, HBA is my baby. It's been a labor of love. It has a long way to go until it's where it needs to be, but it's getting there. Now that I'm back I'm hoping to step it up a notch.
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