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Nov 29, 2014
Gyrocopters development is my hobby, story started in 2006 when I fall in love with aviation and particularly with gyrocopters and decided to fly one here in Switzerland, the only way was to build one (it was not allowed to fly any gyro other then experimental).
As I have no engineering education I have started to learn mechanics, engineering, production methods, materials ,etc, etc, etc.
Till 2009 I have learned a lot of things myself, mounted my CNC in the cave, created 3D model of my gyro and started build.
As I was far from aviation (I have only dream about) I base my design on well known flying gyros (MTO, ELA, MAGNI 16) - this is how TANDEM gyro was born.
In 2010 after some parts realized by myself, some ordered in Switzerland I quickly understood that I became bankrupt before I finish my prototype, those I "outsourced" production of modules and parts to Ukraine to small 2-3 guys companies, workshops, friends.
In 2011 I meet guy that saw how and what I do and he ask me to design and help him to build SIDE-BY-SIDE prototype for him. As I was already on the way of building TANDEM and already have some experience it took less time to design and build this gyro.
In 2012 own profile for aluminium extruded rotor was designed and own rotor was constructed and tested on XENON gyrocopter.
When I understood that it will be hard to get rid of this "gyro development virus", in 2013 I have organized my own small experimental workshop in Ukraine to produce composites, parts and modules (it allows me quality and manage production). Final assembly done in France (in Switzerland to register Experimental it is very complex and long process).

In July 2014 2nd prototype of Side-by-Side made his first flight, and in October-November of 2014 4th and 5th prototypes of TANEM type did it first flights (today each did ~6h)

I call all those gyros prototypes as they are opened to modifications and change/improve with time.

Now myself and owners of all those prototypes continue it's improvements.

I should tell you that it is amazing and challenging hobby !


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Jun 13, 2015
kuttawa, ky
I commend you for coming up with such a nice gyro.
You should immediately find a distributor in the USA.
Your products are VERY NICE!
License a manufacturer in the US and start making some money!!!