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Feb 27, 2011
St. Augustine, FL
I am installing a new "glass panel" so I removed the existing instruments from my airplane and am selling them. I have already sold many of the items but still have the following available:

WHELEN 90304 LED Nav/Pos/Strobe light (TSO'd) with power supply - $400.00
RST 564A Audio Panel with Marker Beacon (Non TSO'd) - $100.00
Engine Instruments (Oil Temperature, Volts, Amps with shunt, EGT and CHT with probes) - $40.00ea
Oil Pressure Gauge - $150.00
Mid Continent 14v Quartz Cronometer - $100.00
Dual Fuel Quantity Gauge - $60.00
Fuel Pressure Gauge - $75.00
Directional Gyro (Vacuum) - $400.00
Tachometer (3500rpm) - $200.00
Air Speed Indicator (205Kts/240Mph) - $100.00
Vertical Speed Indicator - $75.00
Suction system (Gauge, 2ea Vacuum Pumps, Filter, Regulator) - $450.00
TERRA TMA350D Audio Panel with Marker Beacon (TSO'd) - $200.00
Split Master/Alternator switch - $10.00
Keyed Ignition Switch (Off, LMag, RMag, Start) - $75.00
10ea 20A Switches - $10.00
WESTACH 4 position switch - $25.00

Price are OR BEST OFFER and includes shipping anywhere in the USA via USPS. I have lots of other "stuff" from the airplane available. PM for details.

Photos of the actual instruments for sale and in flight

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