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Mar 7, 2013
Colorado Springs, CO
Successfully doing fabric and painting in the basement which is open to the rest of the house (high-risk environment!). Using Stewart Systems for glue, fill and primer - hardly any odor for any of those (no topcoat yet). Using Eastwood QST 30/60 scroll compressor - very quiet, the claims of 'sounds like an air conditioner' are true. 60' of 3/4" pipe (garage > basement) + 3 moisture traps + 50' of air hose, still plenty of air for HVLP, and it's got wheels! Isolated work area with plastic stapled to the ceiling, placed a single Utilitech 20" high speed fan ($44 version) in the window, draws PLENTY of air from upstairs, surprised at the number of relief flaps I had to cut in the plastic. Most importantly: no complaints from a very sensitive wife!

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