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Oct 10, 2007
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Howdy folks:

Below is a post that came up in the yahoo Ragwing Aircraft group. Pretty interesting. Thought I'd copy it and post it here too. I know, my brother recently bought some of that flooring, and it is some durable, HARD stuff, and really not all that heavy. If I didn't already have all my wing ribs built, I'd be half tempted to try it, as long as the T-88 would hold it together. Anyway, enjoy the read.


I get interested when I see new materials out there especially when I
see something being used in a foreign country that has wonderful
qualities. Last year I got some free bamboo flooring boards and used
them in various projects. Incredibly hard surfaced wood. very
strong. 1/2"X3"X42" boards. I could put the ends on concrete blocks
and jump up and down on the middle and it would flex to the floor,
but no breaking or cracking. I put the end of the board in a vice
and tried to pull the other end and break the board........I wasn't
strong enough. Put it in a bucket of water for 2 weeks and no
delamination or noticable swelling. The only weakness I saw was if
you tried to put a screw through it without predrilling you could
split it. Lately I have seen "Bamboo plywood". 1st there is
decorative plywood. Next there is "concrete form bamboo plywood".
This product is beginning to be used in Asia for concrete forms as it
is comparable
in cost to regular plywood and can be reused over and over due to
it's higher strength and water resistance. It is made of overlapping
sheets of woven bamboo pressed and glued(not the decorative woven
bamboo wall covering either) I've seen it for $39 a 4X8 sheet on
the net.............This could end up being the strongest plywood
around with the best water resistance and at a reasonable price.
.........Could be suitable for certain applications in A/C and

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Jul 1, 2008
I've wondered the same thing about bamboo products in airplanes. That stuff is tough!


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Dec 17, 2008
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In Australia there is a company called "bamboo surf boards" the main quality of the board is to get the same strength in a standard fiberglass board you made it too heavy. For an all out pro board board they use thin fibre glass, but those boards snap like twigs. All in all the bamboo was far more rugged and durable than the other boards.