Available antiseptic fireproof wood impregnation treatments..?

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Sep 5, 2011
Zagreb HR
A friend from another European country has asked about wood protection when building composite parts bonded with epoxy. Since I use some local stuff there weren't many options I could recomend which might be ordered elsewhere or online.

When I wrote 'fireproof' it actually means fire retardant, but hopefully people will understand what was meant. There are also various chemical agents which rise the wood acidity without changing it's structural properties. Anway, the question is what do builders on HBA use to protect their wood before 'wrapping it up' and finishing the outside.

There are some new Danish, Norwegian or Finnish products which were recomended by a couple of people but I forgot the name. Apparently a good product, wood impregnation is complete to the level it can't burn or be caught by microrot. If anyoneone knows more please post a link or some added info.