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Parts For Sale AMD Alarus Donor/Parts/Rebuildable plane

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Well-Known Member
Jan 17, 2023
Would there be any interest in an Alarus (Zenith CH2000) airframe as a donor? I only post here as it is pretty much a Zenith kit plane with a type certificate.

Located in middle GA
No power, no electronics, incomplete six pack avionics.
Was a Wentworth plane
All logs up until the write off
Was involved in a ground incident which folded the front tubular gear leg. Pilot side wing also contacted something, possibly a runway light?
Serviceable interior (seats and panels)

The following areas will need repair:

  • Front nose gear leg bent and then cut from the air frame. Both pieces are present, should allow a replacement to be fabricated if required. Bungee seems excessively hardened.
  • Pilot door window broken. Call window is fine but the main sheet is damaged.
  • Both lower fuselage skins will need replacement due to poor handling. Seller stated a strap was wrapped around the fuselage during recovery. Damage is consistent with this. There does not appear to be compression crinkling and the longerons appear straight.
  • Both brake lines broken at the calipers. These are nylon lines.
  • Fuel hoses in the seat area show signs of hardening and degradation. All rubber lines will need replacing.
  • Nylon pitot and static tubing has some chaffing and cracking.
  • Pilot side wing damaged. Landing light lens broken. Leading edge skin damaged beyond outermost rib. Fiberglass wingtip damaged, “filler” skin on underside of wing tip damaged. Sump fitting is broken off of tank.
  • Engine airbox wrinkled at filter end.
  • Throttle cable kinked (likely caused by engine removal)
  • Skid under tail abrasive and bent
  • Cowling has cracks (fiberglass and easily repaired)
  • Cowl stiffener has stress crack under pilot side mount
The following items are missing from the airframe:

  • Engine w/ all accessories and baffles (exhaust is present and in good condition)
  • Prop
  • GPS Unit and associate CDI
  • Audio Panel
  • Radio + CDI
  • Transponder
  • Altimeter (last fitted with 5934P-3 per logs)
  • Turn Coordinator (united instruments 14vdc)
  • Attitude Indicator (vacuum)
  • Heading Indicator (vacuum)
  • One fuel cap
  • One wing tank drain (noted as broken off above)

Its been stuck in a very gracious friend's hangar for the past 14 months or so. Since that time I have removed the front gear leg remains, cleaned up a bit of the airframe and inspected it. I also drilled off the pilot side lower skin that they wrinkled with the strap.

Please note this airframe requires an O-235-N2C per the type certificate if you are rebuilding to certified.

I am posting it here as the wings are pretty much standard low wing zenith fare. The main gear, wheels, brakes and tires are very good and useable. The gullwing doors, windshield, controls, fuel system bits etc could all be rolled into a Zenith project. If anyone out there has an orphaned ch640 project, this aircraft would be the perfect donor. The plane is very much rebuildable, I just would like to put the money I have in it toward training/flight time. I have found I really, truly love tube and fabric planes as well so that is likely where I will head if this sells.

Will fit on a 20-ish foot trailer. I will need about $2250 for the whole show. I can send any and all pics you require or share a google drive link with you that has more pics than you probably wanna see of a beat up trainer. :)