Alaskan Bushmaster at Birchwood. ?


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Apr 7, 2020
Most of me is in IL but my hearts in Alaska
While wandering around another Alaskan airport enjoying the strange and unusual and historical.
I came across an Alaskan bushmaster now I thought what with some of the things I read here that was a certified airplane with an ancestry of the short wing paper but factory built to be longer and wider.
But this one is sitting there with the word experimental on her.
On the other hand it has a N number and is labeled serial number three.
Number 3 !
Anybody here familiar with that specific airplane? Is it a certified aircraft or an experimental?
Is that particular airplane something kind of famous to do maybe both ,be experimental and certified ?
The reason I ask that is when I do a Google search for bushmaster images that very plane shows up first ?
I have to tell you there are some really interesting planes at Birchwood!