Adjustable pitch prop & Rotax 670.....


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Nov 3, 2015
I wasn't quite sure of which section to post this thread in due to it pertaining to a few different areas......2-stroke engines,props and Bush flying.

The information :
1. Ragwing Stork designed for extreme STOL performance
2. Rotax 670
3. Ivoprop...adjustable pitch or fixed pitch
4. I want the ability to have the best of both worlds....climb & cruise.
This aircraft will be used for Bush type flying but also flown distances at times to attend fly ins.

My questions are :

1. I know the concept of the adjustable pitch prop....but only in use on a 4-stroke.
How do things differ when used on a 2-stroke?
Is there any difference in the 2 operations.

2. The STORK is designed for very short take off & landings.....which brings me to my next question.
Would a clutch in the gearbox hurt or help?
When power is pulled to idle the prop will be windmilling and should create a fair bit of drag to help bleed off speed at steep angles on approach.
Thoughts on clutch in gearbox or no clutch ?

3. Will the adjustable pitch prop offer enough performance over the ground adjustable to justify the cost ?