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Sep 5, 2003
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Midwest USA

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Jan 24, 2020 at 6:13 PM
    1. Pops
      I'm located at airport 2WV3.
    2. proppastie
      I have (I believe) an indeterminate structure, almost ready to load test. My Linear FEA (grape) gives a moment about the joints and I was able to design the gussets based on the spread sheet I wrote.

      Would a discussion on line of various methods of analysis of this structure's moments at the joints be comfortable/worthwhile to you? Or would the more conservative approach of (NO FEA) be more comfortable.
    3. proppastie
    4. vantrang393
      Trong thoi gian chua cat chi chi em phu nu can giá bơm ngực bao nhiêu tiền tranh an nhung loai thuc an nhu com nep thit ga phau thuat dat nguc bao nhieu tien hay nhung loai do tanh hai san chi em phu nu nen tuan thu theo chi dan cua bac phẫu thuật nâng ngực nội soi giá bao nhiêu de cho co mot ket qua nhu y muon Vet mo cat chi sau khoang 10 ngay trong thoi gian nay can giu kho vet mo thay bang theo chi dinh cua bac si Can bang ep giu nguc on dinh trong 2 tuan dau chi em phu nu co the cung duoc thay bang sau ngay dau bang bang nhe
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    Midwest USA
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    Thorp T-18 N455DT [assist]
    Aeronautical Engineering degree: Cal Poly SLO CA 1977
    US ARMY Active/Reserve 1976-to-1989
    Civilian-Acft Engineer: PA-60/-61/-61P Aerostar & Metro/Merlin 1979-to-82
    MIL-Acft Structures-Mechanical-Electrical Mod-Design/Service/Repairs/Liaison/Parts/Materials/Processes Engineer, Mishap Investigator, Etc, 1982-thru-today: A-10, B-52, C-130, E-3, C-5A, C/KC-135, C-141, F-4, F-5, F-15, F-16, F-106, HH-3, CH-47, CH-53, HH-60, O-2, OV-10, A/T-37, T-38, UH-1 & TF39, F100, F110 & T56 engines
    Profile photo: 1994 F-15C Mishap Investigation

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