AAK55 Farmer-craft Product Definition Book (V10.1)

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Oct 25, 2016
GuangDong China
Alias: Vertical Lifting An-2
1. Features:
A. The structure is as simple as possible, high safety, high cost performance
B. Fixed-wing cruising speed:
50-60 km/h, (glider with engine, large aspect ratio, straight airfoil)
The basic parameters are similar to: Yun 5 or Russian An-2;
C. Vertical lift: 6 blades on the top and bottom of the fuselage, retractable, rigid,
coaxial anti-propeller rotor.
D. Hybrid
E. Fully automatic, driverless
2. Target market:
Number one in the world, widely used in: agriculture, express delivery, room machine,
and civilian use. . . . . .
3. Competitors:
Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed Martin (Sikorsky’s new boss)
4. Product selling points:
A. The second in Mainland (perhaps in world): Aircraft with stowed rotor (non-propellers)
The first is: RD15 by Professor Gao Zheng, Wang Shicun's student.
B. The uncrowned aircraft patent that is enough to bring about
the human aviation revolution,by a political.

5. The main problems and countermeasures of the plan
A. The greatest resistance: political factors
Countermeasures: all open, ready to go to court at any time. (Search DONG090909)
Stall toy.
Experimental demonstration: It has been public for 10 years, and the feedback result:

B. A recognized problem in aerodynamics: lift balance at forward speed
---DONG090909 Rotor 4 guesses:
Balance conditions; infinite blades; unmanned state of finite blades,
Limited blade manned state

---specific plan:
Anti-propeller coaxial rigid rotor;
Slow down
Side fly hovering, gyro effect;
Fixed wing lift to maintain survival;
4 tilting propellers;

---Approved experiment:
Toy demonstration, street stalls surrounded experts; (money then one month)
one car at a speed of 60 kilometers, the influence of wind resistance on the structure;
Gallows test;
Rubber band ejection takeoff + parachute landing + flight control, player experiment

6. Functional modules: (X is the missing module of the prototype)
Jack power supply (X); electric drive jack module; rotor alignment and locking module (front
and rear sleeves or thimble) (X);
Rotor drive system; fixed wing; 4 tilting engines; hybrid power (X); flight control (X);
Landing gear (rudder);connecting rod and rotor

7. Technical reserve, models to be developed in the future:
Number of rotor systems: 1 set; 2 sets;
driving method: jacks, propellant or gasoline explosion drive;
Collection method: naked, condom, telescopic shell, rotatable crawler shell + 2 side telescopic shell;
Fixed wing : straight, swept backward, swept forward
Speed: low, medium, high,
Series: Civil, Military