A/V shelf & Dash layout


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Nov 12, 2014
Ontario, Canada
Starting my A/V shelf. Nothing much to see yet, just planning it out. Will update as I go on.

Starting from the left
  • 2 x Trig TY91 Com radios stacked above each other.
  • PS Eng PS-PAC15EX remote audio panel
  • GRT adaptive AHRS
  • <big blank spot in the middle for future devices>
  • VPX power distribution
  • backup fuse panel system with relays underneath shelf.
Rear of plane (not shown)
  • Stratux ADS-In
  • Trig TT22 ADS-Out (the only thing haven't bought yet, so darn $$)
  • Ack E-04 ELT
Dash is GRT HXr on left, GRT mini-ap in the middle, and android tablet on the right.

Having the radios and audio close, shouldn't cause a problem if grounds are properly done. I don't have any Navs or IFR GPS yet, that will be Plane v2.0. For now I'm focusing on getting it flying VFR. Any thoughts or concerns, please let me know.