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60% scale Bowers Fly Baby Desk

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Well-Known Member
May 25, 2014
St.Rober, MO
I remember a few years back I saw a desk made from a wing section of an airplane and thought it looked pretty cool. I figured that since I need a new desk anyways, and it could be great practice for when I start building my own plane, that I could build my own wing section desk. A bit of Internet searching turned up a full scale printable template for wing ribs for a Bowers Fly Baby. After printing off the full size templates, I realized even the wing of a small plane is too big for my house. Luckily, Adobe software made scaling it down to 60% an easy process.

Since this project is more about looks than aerodynamics, I'm using hardware store lumber. I picked up some ten foot rolls of aluminium flashing in both 12 and 16 inch widths to skin the bottom (would be the top surface if actually going on an aircraft) of the ribs with and will use a glass top from the front spar to the trailing edge. The leading edge will be wrapped in an aluminium skin. I am using Rustoleum hand hammered copper paint for all the wood surfaces, and will polish the aluminium surfaces on the outside and engine turn the aluminium surfaces on the inside from the front spar to the trailing edge.

I'll upload both progress pics and the desk I'm basing my design on when my wife's done with my laptop.