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3M 30NF Fastbond Coloring

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Captain Turnbuckle
Jan 3, 2023
Howdy Folks,

Lately, I'm finding the 3M Fastbond in Green (1qt & 1gal) harder & more expensive to find. I don't need a 4 pack of 5 Gallon buckets! With it being water based... are there any appropriate pigments I can add to the Neutral Color, just to be able to better see my work and coverage? This could be Rit Dye, Food Coloring, Powders, ect. I can experiment and report back if nobody else has tried this. Seems like 3M is phasing out the Green color. I could always ask Stewart's ;) - The neutral seems to still be the normal price and reasonable, I'm just fond of the green.

Many Thanks!