1/2 or full vw kits


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Apr 16, 2014
Lizella, Ga
i am fishing to see if there is an interest for anyone looking to purchase a 1/2 or full vw kit with all new parts. I have been checking on the only 2 suppliers i could find (hummel, and greatplains) and their kits are around $3500.00+ my friend is an EMPI dealer and could probably put a kit together for less. (of course for the half vws you still need to get the plans and do all the cutting yourself) and i think he can get the SCAT single heads complete for around 300 each(bolt on covers) which are a lot easier than cutting.
if you are somewhat interested just like the page. if you are really interested just email me with what you are looking for (stroke. bore, cast or forged pistons ect...) and i will try to get a price up for you.
oh and i will not be making any money off of this, once i get the info i will pass it off to him.