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  1. leviterande

    Looking for structural analysis tester/engineer to assist in a project

    Hi! While I have worked with 3d modeling and Ansys structural analysis software and knows a bit about structural design criteria I would like to get help from a good engineer/designer or really any talented person who is really good at structural stress software. Looking for assistant/worker...
  2. M

    Microgravity Composite Canard Wing

    Hello, I've created this post because a mate and me are developing a project for our titulation. The project consist in developing a wing (2000mm of wingspan) for a canard airplane that is planned to be used for microgravity experiments. It will be dropped vertically from a certain altittude...
  3. G

    AC Crashworthiness Online Book 400+ Pages

    Well folks, if would like to know how to make you project safer during a crash well here it is:
  4. A

    Stress Analysis, Structural Design

    Greetings to everyone: I provide engineering assistance in the following areas: Structural Design of aircraft parts. Stress Analysis of aircraft parts. Below are examples of projects which have successfully been accomplished online. Aircrafts in those projects have already been constructed...
  5. karoliina.t.salminen

    Composite spar design & composite wing design?

    Hello, I am thinking of a concept which is targeting at both high AR and very good empty to gross weight ratio at the same time. The weight of the resulting wing will pretty much dictate the feasibility of the concept. I want to calculate the weight based on actual materials that are going to...