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    Hi Karoliina, my name is Jorge Feliu, from CHILE, South America. My good friend Tony and me are looking to develop a UAV to do Aerial Magnetometry and Aerial Survey. For this we are in the process to design the plane, so in this research appears your Airfoil KS416, but at this time the only thing that I find is that is a good airfoil for a high lift plana, but we need more about your airfoil. Could you help us? Thanks in advance. Jorge Feliu
    Hi Karoliina,
    I have been following your blog on your KS416 airfoil, and have some questions on the software you used to create your shape.
    If your are not too busy, I am interested in the performance design of the KS416, in respect to different flight parameters.
    Currently on the road finishing up Red Bull Stratos Manned Flight 3, but looking forward to a new project.
    Please respond to [email protected]
    I'm Yitzhak from Montreal, Canada a hardcore aviation hobbyist using your word.I read your articles on high lift airfoil vs. biggerwing.I am seeking your technical knowledge andexpertise in building my home build 2 in 1 plane in the sense that itcan fly and as well be driving on the road.Due to limited space i can send you all the informations by mail: [email protected]
    I hopeto hearing from you soon.
    Yitzhak Avraam.

    Sorry for not replying sooner, I did not notice your message before.

    It was an honor to meet you (and tod of Nasa). Would you happen to have Tod's email, I think I have unfortunately lost it.

    We would like to come and it would be great to meet you again, but unfortunately I am not sure if we can afford coming to Oshkosh this year. It would require allocating about extra 2500 euros out of nowhere to get there and too much has gone to Hobbyking (rc plane motors, batteries, etc.), plane (the diamond) and motorcycle (that we just bought). It will be a last minute decision but I would estimate we may be regrettably forced to skip this year due to economical reasons.

    Best Regards
    Hello Karoliina,

    It was a great pleasure meeting you last summer and thank you for posting my talk. I will be speaking again this summer. Hopefully I will see you there. In response to my comments, induced drag is not a function of ing span. It is a function of spanwise loading, which depends on AR and planform shape.

    Pete Gall
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