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  1. R

    List of plans-built warbird replicas

    Let’s compile a list of plans-built and kit-built warbird replicas. They should include modern materials, modern engines and flight characteristics toned-down for low-time pilots by designers like Robert Baslee, Marcel Jurca, Graham Lee, Loehle, W.AR., etc. Antoinette Bleriot DeHavilland...
  2. E

    3/4th Scale Replica Bell P-39 Airacobra

    I am brand new to the world of building aircraft, I have been designing them on paper for years but I have never built one. I can't even fly yet (nor have I ever flown). I want to build something decently small but still fun to toss around the sky. I have been doing some looking but can't seem...
  3. J

    Blueprints for P-40 Warhawk

    Hello, I'm thinking of designing a scale replica for the P40 Warhawk and I'm trying to locate reliable, readable blueprints. So far I've found ( which has some free prints though most are unreadable. has blueprints for sale but I have never used their services. I want...
  4. M

    WWII Liaison observation aircraft

    I am part of my schools WWII reenactment group and am currently working on my ppl. I want to be able to fly a plane over the battlefield during one of the events to increase the realism feel of the events. Does anyone know of a Kit that, if painted correctly, will look like the us observation...
  5. T

    22 hp V Twin Predator engine ultralight Aircraft (IDEA/project) ICON A5 REPLICA

    Hey guys, new to the forum here. So I've been planning on building my own ultralight for quite some time now. And although I wouldn't mind just buying a used one, I really just want to design one myself. I would like to post my idea for what I'm doing here and see if I can get some useful...
  6. halfscalemustang

    P-51 Replica Q&A

    The V-12 Jurca Mustang that you have all seen on ebay and yes, Barnstormers is none other than mine, good ol halfscalemustang! The same wide eyed kid with a dream to fly a Mustang. The v-12'? guess where you've seen them before, you guessed it! Here! The exhaust and cooling scenarios have been...
  7. F

    Dormoy bathtub replica

    I am Simon, 21 years old and aerospace student at TU Delft. Together with my father I am redesigning and building a Dormoy Bathtub Replica. The project started in 2012 with the engine. But building the wing began in December 2013, the frame February 2014. Engine will be citroen visa engine...
  8. Tiger Tim

    What's wrong with the Affordaplane?

    Or, more correctly, how would you fix it? Like so many others, I'm intrigued by this simple-looking airplane and interested in building something like it some day. I don't know if it's the in-your-face simplicity of the airplane, the excitement of flying so exposed (while still in a...
  9. Tiger Tim

    Designng a Replica from Photos?

    Hey all, Let's say you wanted to build a replica of a vintage one of a kind airplane that no longer exists. All you have to work with are photos and the goal is to get it as close to the shape of the original as you possibly can. How would you do it? I have a few ideas but I don't want to...
  10. Holtzy3

    78 chevyc-10 stepside 350 small block for project plane

    hey guys I've decided to trade my '78 Chevy c-10 step-side Truck has 85k miles. Needs nothing but a head gasket and the interior put back in, all the parts to finish are there minus the head gasket. 2 very minor spots of rust neither bigger than 5in and i figure most people on here know how to...
  11. D

    Build your own full size Spitfire!

    Read the Ebook "Birth of a Spitfire" on Kindle at Amazon about how Clive Du Cros built his flying example. Amazon link.
  12. D

    Birth of a Spitfire

    I just thought members would like to know that I have published an Ebook on Kindle based on a book I wrote a few years ago entitled "Birth of a Spitfire" The content is all about my trials and tribulations of building a full size replica Spitfire! I have also posted a video of the Spitfire...
  13. halfscalemustang

    Alternative covering method?

    Hello, i am currently working on my 50% P-51 Mustang. The original builder sheeted the original wooden airframe in aluminum. He used several 1'x2' squares of aluminum sheeting and attatched them to the stringers and bulkheads with hundreds of brads that are approximately 3/4" long. This is ok, i...
  14. halfscalemustang

    Have you seen this plane?

    Has anybody seen this plane in action? Its a 50% scale replica of a P-51 Mustang, it attended oshkosh in 2001. I recently purchased it and have little to no back ground on it. Its tail number is as follows N151JV and was built by a small group of people with a fellow named James (Jim)...