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  1. T

    Mini-max featued at Oshkosh 2019

    Show your support, Bring your Mini-max to to Oshkosh 2019 for Team Mini-max 35th Anniversary. Sign up at link below Thanks, David Cooper
  2. N

    Trouble with plans..

    Hi everyone! I'm working on to calculate the roughly cost of a single place wooden airplane to build. Because the cost is most important aspect of homebuilding for me:) I have downloaded a minimax wooden airplane plan for free, thanks to team minimax:) Also I have bowers flybaby kit plan in...
  3. A

    Minimax 1400R for sale-almost complete

    I have a Minimax 1400R for sale. I might also do a partial trade. I'm asking $2500. The landing gear still needs to be built. It needs wing tanks, engine, prop, covering, paint, instruments. Everything else is there. Respond with email or pm. I'm in Central, Illinois. Thanks.
  4. GlassVampire

    Team Minimax plans now free to download

    Hello all, I didn't see this posted up here yet so I thought my fellow aircraft builders would appreciate it (not that I'm building anything yet!). Plans for the various models of wood-constructed Ultralight, LSA, and Experimental aircraft from Team Minimax (such as the 1100R Mini-Max,Hi-Max...
  5. L

    ROTAX 277 on a Mini-Max 1030

    I recently bought a Mini-Max and it comes with a ROTAX 277, 2 stroke engine, and this is my first kit plane. Is there certain things I should look out for while building it? I have done a lot of research but I just want to get answers from experienced pilots. Some simple questions I have is...
  6. A

    Start project - 1100R miniMAX

    Hey guys! the 1100R miniMAX will be my first self built aircraft, so i thoght thet i could use some help from you guys. I downloaded the plans (they are free by the way ) of this plane becouse it seemed to be the most basic and easy to built for a beginer... ill be glad to get some tips or...
  7. Z

    JDT Mini Max 103 w/2300 Rotax

    :ban:Mini Max 103:ban: This is a mostly complete kit that has been assembled. The craftsman did a great job, but lost his eyesight and could not finish. The engine is a 2300 rotax and you can see the avaionics that are there. The wing has a fuel tank and there is the tank for in the fuselage...