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  1. A

    Foam material for building

    Hi guys, not really sure how to start this but I'm an aero engineer and recently got asked to help with a yacht. The builders asked if I wanted to build certain parts out of Lycell or Mycell and I can't really see a massive difference between the two? Am I not understanding? Does anyone know...
  2. birdus

    Foam of choice for sandwich airplane construction

    I'm just getting into composite construction (and having lots o' fun learning) and don't know what the foam of choice is for fuselage and wing panels. This is for my F4U (AKA "Carbon Corsair") project. There's blue, yellow, PVC, Divinycell, Last-a-foam, 3lb, 4lb, 5bl, etc., etc., etc. I'm a long...
  3. G

    Fuel tank foam

    Well this is new one for me, has anyone used this in their fuel tanks? Looks like something to consider for both in-use and building fuel tanks. Ed
  4. pmbormann

    Hello, from Madison, WI.

    He all. I just joined and i'm just starting to get interested in using fiberglass. I've got an idea for a first project, but I'm going to need some direction. I've got a foam P-51 that I'd like to use as a plug. Does anyone have any experience doing this? Can someone point me to a thread...
  5. P

    Foam Ultralight?- New Design

    Hi forum, I have been researching building aircraft for a long time and want an ultralight (can't solo- not old enough) but none of these airplanes are as strong as I would like or are too much. I have been also researching the design of my own and came up with a plan for a sporty looking, low...
  6. Q

    Foam Ultralight

    Howdy folks, since I was a little boy I have always dreamed of flying and a couple days ago I was watching an episode of a show called Flitetest or guess I should say rewatching as it was a rather a old episode and I ran across an episode were they made a cinder block "fly" here is the link...
  7. radioinred

    She is Born.....

    Hey guys Im the college kid who asked a ton of stupid questions about building an ultralight biplane. Well Im home and a few things have changed... First off the project is now a parasol type plane with the slight possibility of adding a second pair of wings. She is a two dont freak...