Who Said The Mazda Rotary Engine Was Gone For Good??? It WILL BE BACK IN 4 YEARS !!!


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Feb 9, 2014
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Re: Who Said The Mazda Rotary Engine Was Gone For Good??? It WILL BE BACK IN 4 YEARS

something i actually know about on this site :p

Mazda are designing smaller units for Generators and designing a diesel version in smaller power units (300cc) and the whole idea was to generate enough interest and profits from the generators to design and produce a new RX7.

they actually created the 16X was a 2.0L version of a 13b(1.3l) up-scaled but never took off. Initially designed for rx8

Yes the rx8 13B-MPS Renesis engine was bit of a flop and really didn't improve it after the time and investment went into it ford basically said NO MORE because they had to bail them out.
my uncle worked for mazda for 40 years and said the rotary is a brilliant engine but i should be designed for aircraft it gets to operating temperature and just hum's and loves it sitting at a constant rpm. they don't like the constant change in conditions in temperature with a cars operation start stop start stop and not warming up before driving or shutting down after a hot drive without a chance of cooling.

A 13B turbo version with the right porting matched turbo with nice long runner intake manifold can produce a constant 350+hp very safe tune and a good torque curve through a lower rev range 3500-6000 to make more economical.
i have an rx7 1981 model with a 1993 13B-RE but it is far from stock making 312rwkw at 18psi, with new technology in metals and seals these engines are becoming much more durable and powerful at the same weight.

now you can get billet alloy end planes, housings, billet rotors new 2 and 3 piece eccentric shafts ect ect ,but with these new parts the cost jumps allot and the power produced is enormous. my car has 48,000 km since its rebuild and its still strong i built it for racing. cooling is the only issue that i think would impact an aircraft but if designed in with the build i think its power to weight ratio would be a superior option to some more expensive ( yes certified though ) engines on the market.


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Jan 24, 2011
Re: Who Said The Mazda Rotary Engine Was Gone For Good??? It WILL BE BACK IN 4 YEARS

A peripheral-ported 13B with a PSRU is a well-proven match for an O-360: less weight, similar power, cheaper overhaul. IMO, the exciting possibility with this new engine, if it makes use of AL side housings, would be as a single-rotor. That setup, with a PSRU, induction,exhaust, and cooling system could come in at less than 200 lbs and put out 130+ HP with outstanding reliability. There's a lot of demand for an engine like that, if it can be built/bought for the right price.


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Jan 9, 2011
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Re: Who Said The Mazda Rotary Engine Was Gone For Good??? It WILL BE BACK IN 4 YEARS

I have a slightly ported 13B turbo in an RV-8. I do not yet have an intercooler or a wastegate, I decided to try without for starters.
DemoDan's Uncle's comments seem about right, based on my experience so far. I have a fixed pitch prop, and meet the performance of a 180 HP Lycoming O-360 without trouble. At low power settings, fuel flow is about par for the Lycoming.
At high power, without a waste gate or intercooler, intermediate boost pressure builds exhaust back pressure builds, and fuel flow increases beyond 14GPH @ 200+ MPH 6110 Engine RPM @ 8000 Ft.
It runs smoothly and I have good water & oil cooling, so I am able to enjoy my work up to this point.
Adding the Intercooler is next, then working out a wastegate arrangement with manual throttle control...
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