What is wrong with high thrust line???

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May 26, 2017
Merrill, Wisconsin, USA
I'm suggesting that we aren't sure why your tail/control stick is behaving in a way you don't like and that it is at least possible that changes in the flow of air around your engine/over your wing will change the objectionable behavior you've observed. It might make it better, it might make it worse (I think the former is more likely), but if you change a bunch of stuff at once you'll not know what happened. Making one change at a time has a lot of advantages.
Oh yes, we know why my tail behave this way. With hundred pound load on horizontal stabilizer it is deflecting 1.5°.

I understand that changing one thing at the time is smart move. I can build new tail boom and leave new cowling laying on the shelf for now for my first test flight. See, here is a compromise:)
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