Tube Spars and Foam Cored Wings

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Sep 21, 2012
Brookville, NY. USA
PeterSripol - has been fairly successful with foam wing. I did not see how he got the foam cut out though.
He built the wing in small sections. He made two templates of wing cross section and attached them to the foam. Then he drilled holes through the them , and the rest were done with a hotwire.

Any idea how much time he has on any of his airplanes?
According to what he said. He built the planes and flew them once or twice and hang them up and probably never touch them again.

I think all he does is to build thing to make youtube videos for a living and airplanes just happen to be one of those things he builds. Socialblade shows his cut from the videos could be as much as 20K+ per month and he's got more than 1.4 million subscribers. He's also getting $500+ per month on patreon subscriptions.
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