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Turd Ferguson

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Mar 13, 2008
Upper midwest in a house
Wow! UPS seems to have a small racket going on.

I used to do a one customer contract run for a freight hauler. Very high value cargo. It doesn't take long for the ground handlers that unload to figure that out and since a typical load could be 3000 packages, a few going missing doesn't seem like a big deal. If there is something going on internally, the security team is on it. They get to pick and choose how it's handled. I know my background was thoroughly investigated, lol.


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Jan 15, 2021
Interesting. 30 years ago or so we had a business. We had a simple cash drawer. I had 2 UPS drivers who would typically make deliveries. We had shortages in the cash drawer a few times. Not more than $60. but typically increments of $20 or possibly $10. I began to be suspicious of the older UPS driver.
One day the older UPS driver dropped off a package and then later came back in after I left the office and was back into the shop. I noticed him return into the office - and when I got there he quickly used a razor to remove a label off the shipment and quickly left.
A couple months later I was working out in the yard. Twice I had folks arrive and have time to enter the office for up to a minute before I got there. One was that same older UPS driver. The other was a customer who I knew just enough to feel he was a decent person. I'd had 3 other customers that day. I could remember each sale and knew just how I had made change for each sale. The cash drawer ended up being short by $40. or $60. I was pretty certain my employee didn't have an opportunity to be in the office alone. My partners suspected the thief was the customer I was pretty sure I could believe wouldn't/didn't steal from us. I believed it was the older UPS driver. My partners and some friends said the UPS driver made too much money to risk his job for theft of that nature.
A few days later our other UPS driver came in. I mentioned the theft and my suspicions. It was then when I was told that a couple other businesses had mentioned similar suspicions of the other driver. One was a local restaurant who also had multiple losses but of larger amounts of money. The driver said they would make a call.
Within a few days we were contacted by phone from one of the major UPS office centers some 3.5 hours distant. They asked a few questions and asked how much money was believed to be missing. They asked if one of the owners would be available in 2 days. 2 representatives arrived that day. They had driven 3.5 hours to meet with us. They said the company policy was to take care of things like this even though there was no actual proof. We were reimbursed for all of the money we believed was taken. They said we would not see the older driver again. They indicated that the company would assign him to other duties away from the public. We never saw him again. They also went to each of the other businesses and from what I understood made restitution to each of them.
It is sad that anyone has reason to have suspicions of a major company having employees not being honest.