Mazda 13b w/ Tracy Redrive

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Feb 6, 2013
rv7charlie, I didn't know that, but I do remember Richard from the early days of the single Rotor where he sandwiched half Al. and half cast iron housing, but adapted to my suggestion of using only the cast Iron wear Plate - which is still being copied by some. For myself, I tested the weight but found the plate is still too heavy IMHO, but a thinner plate tends to tin-can under side seal loads. It seems Powersport solved that issue with the Superlight Oven Brazed light steel engine. Bottom line is the wear surface requires a good supported integral (to the housing) substrate.


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Aug 23, 2013
Madrid, Spain
In the Le Mans long endurance race winning RCE, Mazda added MoS2 to oil, see SAE paper 920309; SAE paper 922375.
LiquiMoly of Germany suggests adding 1 cc of their Mo additive for each litre of oil in gasoline mix, expert Mazda RCE users ( indicate always adding at least 1% of lubricating oil directly to fuel, oil pumps sometimes fail, this a cheap and easy safety step. There was Molykote A MoS2 additive to be added to engine oil.
Don't know why, but I won't use MoS2 additive in oil radiator cooled engines, such as avionized versions of Citroën twin-flat engines.
Not all oils are same, not every RCE accepts same oil, while Citroën advised Total GTS 20 W 50, for their Comotor Birotor engine in GS, a Multigrade oil is good for Cold Starts, Norton, for their Liquid Cooled birotor, banned multigrade oils.
Sachs Air Cooled Housing, Charge Cooled Rotor engines indicated SAE 30 oil; for hot weather: SAE 40.

The oil giving better results ever in Sachs engines was Shell Rotella, available in Vintage Tractors and other sites, other oils generated lots of ashes and gums, it can block seals, destroying engine.

In the early days of Wankel Engines, gas was leaded; lead additives acting as a solid lubricant, ceasing lead in gasoline requires an extra amount of oil, Aixro indicates Mobil 1 Racing 2T, 50:1; Spanish Aixro dealer indicates 4%; too much oil can foul plug, too little, increase wear. RCE is very good for Ethanol in gasoline mixes, SAE Paper 840237, M Gutman.

About cooling, the SAE paper 741091, by G A Paul, Dow chemical, shown better results with a coolant fluid based in propylen glycol, instead of the usual, and poisonous, ethylenglycol.
There is a Navarra based company, Pequinsa, producing such a coolant liquid for Solar energy installations, 'Solar 57', where 57 stands for the propylenglycol content. This company is now in the orbit of Soros or Buffet or other transnational investors.
I purchased several cans of this Solar 57 cooling liquid for my 1987 NA Mazda 13B, but not installed it yet.
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P Lamar, of published a booklet: 'How to cool your Wankel'. Blessings +