Looking to buy Micro Mong and Zippy Sport plans


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Jan 27, 2012
Glendale, CA
Hello All,

I am looking for a set of the plans for the Micro Mong and Zippy Sport. I have tried repeatedly to get ahold of Jim at Green Sky, but it seems not possible. Even tried a personal email I have for him. So with that said, I want to buy a 2nd hand set. Since I am already offering items for Ed's other designs, I know that many of his designs use the same parts and I am sure some of the items I will develop for the Lil Bitts and Skylite may be cross compatible. I need the plans to see which. My hope is to eventually get ahold of Jim and buy the rights or at the very least offer the plans on my site and I send him the money from all plans sales. I just don't want to see more of Ed's designs fall into obscurity.

The Zipster is also in this same boat and Hart never even paid Ed for the rights and now the originals are lost. Plans are available for download if you look hard enough and I will begin to offer rib blanks and other small items for it as well as many are cross compatible with the Skylite.

If anyone has other plans from Raceair that are no longer available let me know. I may be interested. Mark at wings of freedom is still selling the Flitplane, but his website is down at the moment but he is not shut down as others have mentioned. His website was obliterated due to a server move and he has been too busy to get it back up.

So whatcha got? Anyone know Jim Personally and can poke him to call me?