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Apr 8, 2004
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January 13, 2008

What A Concept: Sky Commuter For Sale

By Russ Niles, Editor-in-Chief

Has the dream of generations been tucked away in a garage in Dawsonville, Ga., for 20 years? The last remaining Sky Commuter proof-of-concept flying car is for sale on eBay. The Sky Commuter is a two-place carbon-fiber vehicle with a single front and two rear fans that was hoped to provide VTOL performance. By late Sunday, with less than a day left in the listing, bidding had reached $49,600. The seller candidly notes that the only reason this particular vehicle survived is because no one has tried to fly it. Both other concept vehicles were lost in accidents....
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Mar 2, 2003
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Recently, we had a discussion on another thread where this project was erroneously being confused with Mr. Moller's work (SkyCar by Moller International). In fact it is this pictured vehicle that was being "developed" originally here in Washington state at the Arlington airport. The company and the project was an enormous investment scam that was eventually shut down by several governmental agencies.

Despite grandiose claims by the builder, the project was actually never engineered by anyone with any engineering credentials, resulting in a vehicle that had no chance of ever lifting off the ground - something that's relatively obvious to anyone even remotely familiar with the physics and power requirements associated with direct lift flight.

Furthermore, despite claims of this being the last "surviving" craft, to the best of my knowledge this was the only vehicle built. I twice visited the shop/factory where this was taking place - I saw this unit undergoing final assembly, along with several other pieces that were pulled from the molds that were apparently scheduled to be used for the assembly of a second prototype. The vehicle pictured was actually being presented as a "functional" mockup. Reportedly there was one tethered test (although I've never found anyone who witnessed this supposed test) but the craft never even left the ground. And that was with no-one in it. I was told by one of the ex-employees that the second vehicle and all the tooling was destroyed as the company was being seized.

In short, for $49k someone will get a big paperweight, nothing else.

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