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Dec 9, 2004
Hamilton New Zealand
I don't seem to have seen anyone mentioned the passing of Dr Jan Roskam. I have used his 8 volume set at lot & have really enjoyied (it does get a tad comfusing at times but thats more a reflection of the scale of the set.

there is also a In Memory of Dr. Jan Roskam video on youtube.


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May 23, 2022
Had dinner with him at his home about 15 years back when on campus for bit ... gracious host and interesting conversation... he will be missed. Heart and soul of the program at KU through the 2000's for good reason.

Up until Gudmundsson published, Roskam probably had the broadest coverage of the design and programatic stuff within his airplane design series and I frequently found myself lending volumes out to others before clearing my office and going virtual around 2015. There is some good stuff buried in the very popular design series, but also found his Airplane Aerodynamics and Performance text with Lan to be useful for some of the applications data and solutions. Like his design series, it gets beaten up for the first-draft character of some of the figures, but if you spend enough time to map text to graphics, you'll find that the 'too much to talk about/not enough space to present it all' fog clears, and you have fairly clear presentations of what is needed to cover the given topic.

I had budget at the end of the year a while back and picked up his two-part flight dynamics text, but honestly have not cracked the cover, so cannot offer an opinion. His Airplane Stories is also entertaining, and the evening I spent with him went by very quickly because 'Stories' only barely touches on a sampling of the tales accrued during a long and very successful career.

RIP, Professor Roskam


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May 28, 2022
I recently got hold of the ebooks for "Lessons Learned in Aircraft Design" and "Roskam's Airplane War Stories". Both are terribly formatted, poorly dumped into ebook format, but are interesting enough. The former goes into all sorts of aircraft accidents, including many old ones one might not have heard of, although some of his conclusions can seem a bit simple. Although that's sometimes unavoidable. ('Since rare bad event X happened, well, the designers should have thought of X!') The latter book is sort of an autobiography, what he did through his life, with various aircraft related tales sprinkled throughout.