How do I get my EG33 to run on a air frame?


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kent Ashton

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Aug 15, 2008
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Jun 26, 2012
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A couple of Cozy builders have used Subarus but the info is getting dated. http://www.ez.org/pages/alwick/index_files/Page404.htm http://www.ez.org/pages/kspreuer/index.html

I have put Subys in Vanagons and I agree with Ross, I wouldn't try to use the Suby ECU and harness on an airplane. This site has a lot of info on converting Subys for the vans. It will give you an idea what might be involved in using the stock harness and ECU. http://www.benplace.com/vw2.htm
Al Wick removed his EJ25 long ago and worked on installing an turbo EZ30 but the project has stalled out over the last few years. Al was a big advocate of the stock ECU but was switching over to a VIPEC for the EZ for unknown reasons.

Keith flew with the OEM ECU for many years but had multiple issues with that, wiring and torsional vibration problems causing the cam belt to skip teeth on shutdown. He switched to SDS a few years back and got the engine running fine. Lately he had a cylinder issue with the EG33 and is now installing a Lyc 360. He's had enough experimenting.

I have another 8 or so clients running SDS on their EG33s successfully, some for many years.

Notably there are several Eggenfellner fours and sixes running the OEM ECU with many hundreds of hours, some with no problems at all, others with some glitches. Some of these early engines have now been switched to SDS. We supplied many hundreds of ECUs for later Egg conversions and private Subaru converters. Jon Findlay and another have hundreds of hours on their EJ25s with the factory ECU. You can find these guys on FlySoob.

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