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Apr 19, 2022
Sam Tilleman, president of Saber Manufacturing – Friday night interview on the Cozy Builder’s call. Join us at 7 pm CDT at Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting

We argue the relative performance of 2 vs 3 blades and Catto vs. Hertzler / Persson, but we all use the Saber extension. Why is that? On Friday May 13, Sam Tilleman, president of Saber Manufacturing, will join us on the Cozy call, sharing insights about props and extensions for canards.

Saber has been manufacturing extensions, crush plates and lugs for general aviation since 1984 with zero failures to date. Sam will talk about his experiences growing the company over 35+ years, and it’s a fascinating niche - all experimental. He supplies about 90% of the world market for prop extensions and has manufactured them for biplanes, blimps and chicken coop fans. His extensions and crush plates are on all the Formula 1 racers, test stands for Continental and many others, almost every homebuilt that uses an extension and just about every new experimental being built. When a new plane is taking shape he gets to see it in the design phase and sometimes will make several extensions as it morphs.

Help me make it the presentation you want. Send your questions to me offline and I’ll work up a list. The topics I know he will address are
a. Fitting props and prop extensions to canards
b. Post-installation monitoring & maintenance
c. Innovations – what’s in the pipeline