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Discussion in 'Instruments / Avionics / Electrical System' started by Peter V, Jun 6, 2007.

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    Peter V

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    I've got some molded silicone earplugs which incorporate a canal through their centre for fitting different filters for different levels of protection, anyway, as I'm not a fan of hot sweaty ears like you get from fully encapsulated headsets, I'm converting these earplugs by adding earbud type drivers.
    The prototypes:
    So far the concept has tested well, but I would like to bury the drivers deeper into the silicone, for aesthetics and durability. So I need to make some new ones. The original ones were small rubber balloons, inserted into the ear canal and injected with silicone by a professional. As I now have servicable facsimilies of my ear canals, I'm going to make molds of the originals and make some duplicates.
    My question is, what would be the best silicone/rubber/latex stuff to use? It needs to be squishy yet VERY resistant to tearing.

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