Automted Assisted Flight System

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Mar 4, 2006
I'm seeking a plane owner who would be interested in a system to act like
AFCS on passenger jets.

The ideal plane would be less than 800lbs dry wieght.

This system has GPS incorporated along with a touch screen, and a LCD read
out that provides system status information. The plane that receives this
should have some type of 12 volt charging system. (magneto charging is

There are strings attached to this opportunity. This system will have to go
through manned flight testing.That sounds scary , but the system can be
easily overridden. It should be noted that there has been a large amount of
ground and mobile testing done. But there has not been manned flight

Anyone who is interested should note...this system is available to only one
person for price of components. They also will receive 10% of any future
profit made from this system. the price part. The total price of the parts are $1300.00. The
owners aircraft also must be fitted out with control tabs on both ailerons
as well as the rudder and elevator. The weight of the finished system should
be about 2 - 2.5 lbs. plus any added weight of the trim tabs.

To answer your next question, I'm an Automation Programmer and Technician.I
have been working on this project for over two years(on my own time). I'm
also an accomplished ultralight pilot as well as currently designing an
airplane for this system to be installed on for my own.

I will provide more detailed information to anyone who is truly interested.

The following screens are planned. More may be added with feedback from the

User input data mode
GPS mode (go to a designated grid location)
Waypoint mode(follow set waypoints)
Compass mode
Heading hold mode
Airspeed and ground speed mode
Flight calibration mode
Stall speed set mode
Initial test mode
Torque calibration mode
User setup mode

If you are interested. Please email me.

James Long