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  1. rv6ejguy

    LS-3 Powered Velocity

    One of our customers built this plane and just got it running recently: We'll be following this more in the future.
  2. fixnflyr

    Trade Comanche 250 for flying experimental of equal value

    Will trade for flying experimental of equal value. Comanche is valued at $54000. See ad of Barnstormers for pics and details or give m a call at 912-six five five-096 six. Serious offers please. We are located near Savannah, Ga. Thanks, Swaid Rahn
  3. Q

    Wanted Leads on a Velocity-- FUSELAGE ONLY--- crash recovery OK

    Looking for a Velocity Aircraft Fuselage--- Crash recovery is fine so long as the damage is limited. Do not need radios, flight equipment, or any of the Mecanicals that come along with-- No Wings, No Landing gear, not even the canard control stabalizers or engine-- (contol pedals and stick...
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