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Mar 7, 2009
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Active Member, from Springfield, Ga. USA (2ga2) Swaids Field

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    1. aeromomentum
      I have two TR4 aircraft that could work for you.
      The one carbon fiber one that is unfinished was designed from the start with a 300hp motor. The burnt one is soon to get it's burn damage repaired. The person that will be doing the repair is the younger brother of Rich Trickel. Rich was the owner of the company that made them and the designer.
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    Springfield, Ga. USA (2ga2) Swaids Field
    Current / Future projects:
    removing a Engine Air 450HP v-8 engine from a lancair 4p and installing a -6 Garrett
    Restoring a Sonerai 1
    Storm Rally LSA
    Restored a Cassutt III and raced it at Reno 2016 in the IF1 bronze class.
    Past Projects:
    referbuished J3 Kitten and citabria.

    Restored many wrecked airplanes
    EAA Tech Counsler, A&P-IA Mechanic, ATP rated pilot, Ag pilot. Own aircraft maintenance shop and work many experimentals, Strong skills in sheetmetal, composite and welding. Have cyl. O/H shop for piston engines. Very experienced turboprop & piston aircraft and their engines.

    I like all types of experimental aircraft.