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    Hello,...I'm not sure what you are working on,..(ducted fan powered aircraft)??? I saw one of your posts regarding something a guy named "Topaz' said. Anyway,...I was a design engineer at Pratt & Whitney in the late 80s early 90s. While there I designed and built a fan module,...tested it. Its at a youtube link. My youtube name is rocketboy106. The subject is ducted fans for experimental aircraft. I was just invited to join a fan discussion group to try and get a fan powered plane built. So,..you might consider participating in that. I had the help of one of the best compressor aro people in the world,...taught me streamline analyisis etc. I designed the pressure rtion,..flow etc. to ,match the power curve of the intended engine. Watch my yuotube test stand footage,...and see what you think. You dod not need 1,000 hp for a correctly designed fan,..correctly matched to a nice small low drag plane. I have a Mazda 20B engine which is ideal for this concept.
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