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  1. b7gwap

    Swift discussion

    Folks: I’ve spent the last 6 months at my school doing a senior engineering project that has ended up being a tailless pusher UAV small enough to be man-packable and capable of delivering a NATO 40 mm grenade round against enemy personnel. I have read up a lot about nurflügel aerodynamics...
  2. H

    Ford 15P [speculation/discussion thread]

    Hi guys, so I've just been introduced to this little aircraft courtesy of Autodidact. For the benefit of others, here it is: Information is scarce about this aircraft. It was a one off, only flew a few times due to poor controllability and was eventually scrapped. It's a 2 seater with a 34ft...
  3. D

    3D printed fuselage exterior surface, reinforced with CF inside

    Dears, i do not know if that topic has been touched before, and i would appreciate your thoughts/suggestions. My apologies as well if this is OT. I'm here talking about a tailless glider project, but at the moment, i'm concentrating on a RC scale version. I'm on my way to finalize the design...
  4. rv6ejguy

    X-4 Tailless Design

    I'd never seen this one before. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tT4R3qLq5KY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqkSvYgEfow
  5. Arfang

    Transition to tailless

    Hello all, I'm about to get my flying license and started thinking more seriously about building, I am particulary interested in the JCD-03 Pelican, or maybe the Fauvel AV-60. Due to some flight characteristics of ''flying planks'' (pitch damping, no flaps, etc...), I guess that it would...
  6. karan

    Flying Wing for Search and Rescue

    Hey Guys, I've been working on designing a flying wing UAV since 2 months now. Human search and rescue using an autonomous drone is the prime objective of this project. First Prototype. One of the major aim of our project is to show how a visual human detection system that uses images from a...
  7. John Newton

    Prevention of tip stall on a swept flying wing using partial drooped leading edge

    Hi all, I have recently been looking into the design of swept flying wings and have built an R/C testbed model to test out my ideas. It flies well enough but is prone to tip stalling. I am retrofitting it with a NASA style drooped leading edge over the outer 1/3rd of the semispan in a bid to...
  8. karoliina.t.salminen

    Flying wing for high efficiency

    Hello, I picked up one comment by autoreply in Synergy thread about flying wing for attempting very high efficiency. So I went and wrote to him a private message about it because I have felt some interest towards this configuration for quite some time, largely for two reasons 1) looks cool and...