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  1. recmob

    68" 3 Blade Ivoprop In-Flight Adjustable - $2400

    3 Blade In-Flight Adjustable Ivoprop Magnum, w/ Patriot Constant Speed Controller 68" Diameter Pusher Prop Rotax 912/914 Bolt Pattern New in box, removed only for picture. Came with a Searey kit and will not be using it. Prop retails new for $3400.00 Yours for $2400.00 + shipping.
  2. MauleOwner

    Sensenich Reconditioned - 74DM7-0-54

    FS: Sensenich Reconditioned - 74DM7-0-54 This prop was installed and flown after being reconditioned by Fix-Prop Shop located in Lincoln, Nebraska. No nicks or dings on blades. Buyer responsible of shipping. Asking $1,700 OBO.
  3. MauleOwner

    Sensenich Reconditioned - M76AM-2-50

    FS: Sensenich Reconditioned - M76AM-2-50 This prop was installed and flown after being reconditioned by Fix-Prop Shop located in Lincoln, Nebraska. No nicks, dings or scratched on blades. Pics available on request. Buyer responsible of shipping. Asking $1,700 OBO.
  4. raymondbird

    cheap airboat prop hubs

    Could anyone tell me why I couldn't, or shouldn't, make my own scale propeller blades out of laminated spruce to fit into a large Whirlwind (or Sensenich) ground adjustable three blade airboat prop hub? The hubs sure look really beefy. Only have to make one blade, then dupe it. Just having a...
  5. S


    For sale! 300 hours, new prop, two stainless tanks.:lick: Price 2500usd, but bid on it and we will see... (Less than 2000 no interest)
  6. H

    Testing a New Prop Design, first installment

    Testing the Prince Elliptical Prop I welcome your comments, of course.
  7. M

    Low HP Variable Pitch Propeller

    Hi All, Im looking for alternatives for a variable pitch prop for low horsepower engine (40 - 65 hp). Anyone have any good suggestions? What Ive found so far: Neuform - for CT Air-contact - since dissapeared as has Kiev... Or just the hub? Thanks! Matthew
  8. parkert51

    503 Rotax, props exc...

    503 rotax DCDI, Dual Carb, Oil Injection, Gearbox Rope start, 92 hours showing $1,200.00 OBO 58" Competition Prop, Ground Adjustable, Best Offer BRAND NEW! Tennessee Wood Prop, 66 x 34, left rotation, gearbox tractor or belt drive pusher BEST OFFER! Tennessee Wood Prop, 66x34 RHR, Small...
  9. T

    64" IVO Prop

    I have a complete 64" IVO 2-blade prop for 100HP engines. The prop includes the hub, spinner, and all nuts/bolts. It could use some new bushings, but the old ones will come with it. I am reducing the asking price to $300, but will take the best offer.