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  1. T

    Propeller Ground Clearance for Tail-Dragger Designs

    Hello All, Wondering if their is a "rule of thumb" when considering the prop to ground clearance (while level) for a tail-dragger configuration? Next project is a Spacewalker II that I'd like to install a Verner onto, and likely a 76" propeller. As drawn in the plans, the Spacewalker II has...
  2. B

    New member in Virginia

    Bill, here . Lifelong aviation buff My dreams never really blossomed in full scale but have soared vicariously thru Remote controlled aircraft. Probably different than the picture that just popped up in your mind..Very Big. Lol Please take a look at my latest project And input if you have...
  3. recmob

    68" 3 Blade Ivoprop In-Flight Adjustable - $2400

    3 Blade In-Flight Adjustable Ivoprop Magnum, w/ Patriot Constant Speed Controller 68" Diameter Pusher Prop Rotax 912/914 Bolt Pattern New in box, removed only for picture. Came with a Searey kit and will not be using it. Prop retails new for $3400.00 Yours for $2400.00 + shipping.
  4. MauleOwner

    Sensenich Reconditioned - 74DM7-0-54

    FS: Sensenich Reconditioned - 74DM7-0-54 This prop was installed and flown after being reconditioned by Fix-Prop Shop located in Lincoln, Nebraska. No nicks or dings on blades. Buyer responsible of shipping. Asking $1,700 OBO.
  5. MauleOwner

    Sensenich Reconditioned - M76AM-2-50

    FS: Sensenich Reconditioned - M76AM-2-50 This prop was installed and flown after being reconditioned by Fix-Prop Shop located in Lincoln, Nebraska. No nicks, dings or scratched on blades. Pics available on request. Buyer responsible of shipping. Asking $1,700 OBO.
  6. raymondbird

    cheap airboat prop hubs

    Could anyone tell me why I couldn't, or shouldn't, make my own scale propeller blades out of laminated spruce to fit into a large Whirlwind (or Sensenich) ground adjustable three blade airboat prop hub? The hubs sure look really beefy. Only have to make one blade, then dupe it. Just having a...
  7. S


    For sale! 300 hours, new prop, two stainless tanks.:lick: Price 2500usd, but bid on it and we will see... (Less than 2000 no interest)
  8. H

    Testing a New Prop Design, first installment

    Testing the Prince Elliptical Prop I welcome your comments, of course.
  9. M

    Low HP Variable Pitch Propeller

    Hi All, Im looking for alternatives for a variable pitch prop for low horsepower engine (40 - 65 hp). Anyone have any good suggestions? What Ive found so far: Neuform - for CT Air-contact - since dissapeared as has Kiev... Or just the hub? Thanks! Matthew
  10. parkert51

    503 Rotax, props exc...

    503 rotax DCDI, Dual Carb, Oil Injection, Gearbox Rope start, 92 hours showing $1,200.00 OBO 58" Competition Prop, Ground Adjustable, Best Offer BRAND NEW! Tennessee Wood Prop, 66 x 34, left rotation, gearbox tractor or belt drive pusher BEST OFFER! Tennessee Wood Prop, 66x34 RHR, Small...
  11. T

    64" IVO Prop

    I have a complete 64" IVO 2-blade prop for 100HP engines. The prop includes the hub, spinner, and all nuts/bolts. It could use some new bushings, but the old ones will come with it. I am reducing the asking price to $300, but will take the best offer.