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    G'day Tom, greeting from sunny South Australia. (hope that doesn't spoil your day)
    I hear you've been unwell and was wondering how you're going. On the mend I hope. I've been following your business growth via the forum and find it very interesting. I'm too old (70) now to going into business but I still enjoy the success of others. One day, I hope to own my own low and slow plane, even my own design and build. It all comes down to health and cash doesn't it. So far, I have the health, but not the cash.
    Get well soon my friend, then stay healthy.
    Cheers, Doug Mansfield.
    Do you have any info on the engine or can you direct me to a web site. Email me at lgrant2000@hotmail.com. Thanks.
    Well thank you sir!! Leg room for me is great... But I'm only 5'9" and 140 pounds. you can build the mini max with adjustable rudder pedals. You could fit as long as you were under 200lbs and use a higher horse powered engine than my 32hp vw
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