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  1. gicummo


    Hello, What happend with the Facetmovil?... I read a nasa reporta about it that it said it a very good design, etc... Does sombody know why this kind of airplane dont go further? Regards Mario
  2. B

    New to the site, not really into planes but I need help/advice with a new project

    My name is Nate Thompson, I'm not really into planes, and I'm not a pilot or engineer. However, I am looking at starting a new project/experiment and I need some help and advice from you guys. I'm into action sports and I want to explore the idea of using aerodynamic aides and lifting body style...
  3. Arfang

    Low AR lifting fuselage twist anomaly

    Since my last thread on lifting bodies I started thinking about a Horton Wingless-like configuration, like the one on the right in the drawing below: Simple construction, made to fly and not to fall in a controlled manner, true-airfoil shaped fuselage, no vortex lift. However, there is...
  4. Arfang

    (What if?) Propeller-driven lifting body

    Hello everyone, I'm a long time lurker and this is my first post. I am interested in aircraft construction since several years, and have read the low AR/Facetmobile/cheap aircrafts are simply impossible/... threads many times and became interested by the low-AR configuration. Then I discovered...
  5. parkert51

    Check this out...

    Came close to trading for this aircraft. Any comments on the design would be interesting.